Womens’ Participation in the Peace Processes

There is one major strategy within peace processes that could reduce conflict and advance stability, it’s quite simple: the inclusion of women. Statistically, women are often excluded from formal peace processes even though the participation of women in conflict prevention and resolution could improve outcomes before, during and after conflict. [ Read the full article ]

Barack Obama Says Women Make Better Leaders – And Data Shows He’s Right

Former U.S. President Barack Obama shares an important message, that more women need to be in positions of power. Remarking in the wake of countless allegations against men in power over sexual harassment and discrimination within the tech, finance, media and political industries, Obama speaks of the importance of more focus on putting women in power. [ Read the full article. ]

What Sex Means for World Peace

It is incredibly important to read the statistics and academic studies that show the world as it truly is. There is a strong and highly significant link between state security and women’s security. The findings detailed within the book ‘Sex and World Peace’ showcases the importance of women in power and the socio-political factors that affects security, stability, prosperity, corruption, health and the power of the state.. [ Read the full article. ]

Why Women? Inclusive Security and Peaceful Societies

In the field of international development, decades of evidence of women’s positive impact on socioeconomical outcomes has changed the way governments, donors, and aid organizations operate. The same cannot be said for the field of peace and security, where women have been thoroughly and consistently excluded. Despite the cries for change, for inclusivity and for equality, real change has been extremely show to follow. [ Read the full PDF. ]

Women Political Leaders Key to More Equal and Caring Societies, New Report Show

A recent finding report from the Westminster Foundation for Democracy and the Global Institute for Women’s Leadership at King’s College, London shows that when women are able to exercise political leaderships, that the whole of society benefits. Key findings, including that women policy makers prioritise issues that benefit the most vulnerable in society, such as healthcare, welfare and education, create more equal and caring societies. [ Read the full article. ]

Why Female Leaders are Faring Better Than ‘Wartime Presidents’ Against Covid-19

When COVID-19 surged in March, 2020, Donald Trump described himself as a ‘Wartime President’. The difference between how female world leaders dealt with the increasingly deadly pandemic compared to their male counterparts, showed that the military-style leadership favoured by the latter is poorly suited to contemporary crises. [ Read the full article. ]

Women and War: Securing a More Peaceful Future

Peace processes that include women are more successful and sustainable, and societies that empower women are more peaceful than those that do not. The role of women in war, peace and security fundamentally allows for longer resolutions in conflict in comparison to a society in which men dominate decision making, control resources and use violent coercion. [ Read the full article. ]

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